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Level 1 (Baby Beginners)

For babies approx 4-14 months. Babies learn to hold their breath, kick, turn to hold onto the side and achieve short underwater swims from instructor to parent.

Level 2 Improvers

For babies who know how to hold their breath. Babies learn to 'jump' in from a sitting position, begin to learn underwater turns, kick up from below the water and achieve longer underwater swims.  Please only book this level if your baby is comfortable with submerging. 

Level 3 Improvers

In this lively class, babies build on the skills learned in Level 2. Babies learn to achieve longer underwater swims, consolidate their underwater turns with 'drop-in turns' from the poolside and learn more water safety skills.  Please note:   It is important that babies are comfortable with the underwater practices to start this level....if not, please repeat Level 2.

Level 4 Intermediate

At this level, babies start to learn jumps from the big float, and learn exercises to encourage them to use their arms to pull themselves through the water sub-surface. We do some more work on turns and longer underwater swims...some with parents! We also start to encourage them to reach for toys under the surface in preparation for diving for objects in Level 5. 

Level 5 Intermediate

Now that your baby is very confident in the water, we introduce them to longer more adventurous swims, Jumping in from the poolside, kicking on their back and we also have lots of fun retrieving fish from deeper in the pool.

Babies should ideally be at least 12 months and able to stand steadily and walk a few steps  to start Level 5, so in some cases you may be advised to repeat level 4.

Level 6 Intermediate

Now that your baby is very confident in the water, we introduce them to more advanced breath-holding and water-safety exercises, retrieving toys from under water and they get to grips with more work on standing jumps and sitting dives into the pool 

Level 7 Advanced

This is the last stage before babies join our Juniors class - so now we need to consolidate the skills learned so far and concentrate on achieving the correct swim position, breath-control, aided/unaided back-floats, a strong kick and confident re-surfacing.

Level 8 Advanced

At this level, children who may be a little too young to join Juniors will consolidate all the skills learned so far in preparation for continuing their swimming journey in Juniors the following term.


Following on from Level 7 (or in the case of younger children, Level 8), the emphasis now is on improving kicking, arm pulls and body alignment in order to start work on achieving surface swims once your child has developed the strength and co-ordination required for these skills (usually between 2 1/2 and 3 years of age).

Children should be at the very  least 2 1/2 years of age or ideally older when starting Juniors.  Consequently, for the younger ones, it may be appropriate to repeat Level 7 or join Level 8 before joining Juniors. After a few terms in Juniors,  your child will be able to swim approx. 3 metres independently, and depending on their age, will be ready to move on to join a class where they can continue their swimming journey in solo lessons without mum or dad.

TinyFins Beginner Toddler Swimming Classes


Toddler 1 (Beginners)

Our beginner parent & toddler class is the ideal first step for a range of non-swimmers....from the nervous, less-confident right through to the more adventurous! Toddlers should be aged approximately 2 to 3 years of age when they start. Each child will be encouraged to learn at their own pace. They will learn to be confident with water on their face, basic breath control, to jump in and eventually go under the water. They will also learn kicking and initial front paddle movements as well as general water safety skills. After a term or two, the more confident toddlers will either join our Toddler 2 Intermediate class or go on to join a class with another school where the parents are no longer in the water with them.


Toddler 2 (Intermediate)

This class is for Toddlers (2 1/2 years plus) who have already completed at least 2 terms in Toddler 1 and/or are confident with submerging practices. In Toddler 2, we will build on your child’s submerging skills and start to introduce short underwater swims. We will also aim to strengthen their kick and introduce turns. Please note that for Toddler 2…your child will need goggles (and a swim cap would also be useful to keep hair out of eyes and prevent the goggles strap getting caught in their hair!).

Please note: One parent must be in the water with their baby/toddler.

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